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Project Name: Community Outreach

Community Outreach

For over a decade the DSWT has worked to improve the livelihoods and educational standards of people living along the borders of Kenya’s National Parks and protected areas through the introduction of community initiatives and local employment.  From the funding of local radio programs, which educates thousands of listeners about the real value of the environment, to the support of schools where children learn about the value of their wildlife heritage, the DSWT works to help the communities build a promising future.  

1 Football and Pump
Our sponsored schools are always in need of new sporting equipment and football is a favourite sport amongst the boys.
1 School Bursary for 1 year
There are thousands of impoverished children living along the borders of the Tsavo Conservation Area who will never receive the opportunity to even attend Primary School as their families cannot afford..
1 School Desk
A sturdy and comfortable classroom desk is a valuable item and makes a huge difference in a child’s learning environment. The DSWT looks to give substantial donations of desks to many schools..

1 School Field Trip
A day out to Tsavo National Park in the DSWT school bus for 30 children is a wonderful way to educate children about their environment and the importance of their wildlife heritage. For many kids this..
1 Teaching Support Parcel
Schools within the Tsavo Conservation Area have little access to the study materials and academic resources needed in order to give school children the educational support they need.  A Teaching..
1 Volleyball and Net
Our sponsored schools are always in need of new sporting equipment, and volleyball is a favourite sport amongst the girls.

3 Wildlife Films
The DSWT operates many mobile cinema shows throughout the year showing educational wildlife films to a host of local schools bordering the National Parks to teach them about their natural heritage and..