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Project Name: Anti-Poaching


With rhino horn fetching more than the price of gold and the value of ivory increasing exponentially due to an insatiable demand, both elephant and rhino are under threat like never before.  To combat these devastating activities the DSWT operates seven fully-equipped Anti-Poaching Units working together with the Kenyan Wildlife Service, in protecting the greater Tsavo Conservation Area covering a vast 60,000km2.

These skilled frontline teams are equipped with vehicles, camping equipment, radios, GPS and cameras, patrolling daily to combat elephant and rhino poaching as well as the threat of bushmeat snaring.

1 Binoculars
Working in the field every ranger needs to be constantly alert and have the necessary good quality equipment at hand for rapid response
1 Canteen Feast
All of the Anti-Poaching Units need hearty meals to fuel their hard work on the frontline. This gift is a wonderful way to reward them and to let them know how valued their work is, including extra..
1 GPS Unit
In such remote and vast areas team leaders need GPS to be able to record and locate important sites, tracks and illegal activities.

1 Hand-Held Radio
A vital piece of equipment needed by every ranger for rapid communication. This unit comes with a complete charging system.
1 Head Flashlight
When working in the bush flashlights are essential. Head flashlights enable hands to be free providing a practical option for all the teams.
1 Pair of Boots
In the field the anti-poaching team members need well-fitted and comfortable boots to keep them protected whilst in the bush.

1 Patrol Tent
Patrolling through extensive areas the rangers must set-up camps along their routes. In harsh environments suitable tents are a vital piece of kit. We use a special design of tents for our anti-poaching..
1 Tactical Torch
In partnership with the Kenya WildlifeService our Field Teams undertake night time patrols and ambushes. These powerful torches can be used to temporarilydaze and confuse a poacher during an ambush,..
1 Train a Ranger
All of the DSWT’s Anti-Poaching Rangers working in the field within the vast Tsavo Conservation Area and Greater Lamu Region need to graduate from the Kenya Wildlife Service’s rigorous field..