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Project Name: Saving Habitats

Saving Habitats

In order to protect the future of all wildlife and biodiversity, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is taking huge steps to safeguard unique and endangered wild habitats by securing Public-Private Partnerships with the Kenya Forest Service and Community Group Ranches.

1 Camera Trap
To photo-capture shy wildlife activity within our protected habitats and help monitor populations. Camera traps are a precious tool.
1 Canteen Feast
All of our Saving Habitats teams need hearty meals to fuel their hard work and this gift is a wonderful way to reward them and to let them know how valued their work is with extra meat, sodas and additional..
1 Digital Camera
Our field teams need good quality, hardy cameras to help document everything that takes place within these fragile habitats.

20 Tree Seedlings
The regeneration of forests is a hugely important initiative and thousands of indigenous tree saplings grown through our two nurseries need to be nurtured and replanted in devastated areas to achieve..
1 Vehicle Tyre
Rapid response is essential to protecting huge expanses of land, usually through rough and rugged terrain. Punctures are common place and tyres wear out quickly.  Spare tyres are an essential addition..