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Project Name: Mobile Vets

Mobile Vets

The DSWT operates five fully equipped Mobile Veterinary Units headed by Kenya Wildlife Service Vets, alleviating the suffering of injured wild animals on an unprecedented scale. All of these units, which operate from Tsavo, Meru, Amboseli, Mount Kenya and the Maasai Mara are equipped with custom-made vehicles, darting hatches, equipment shelves, a fridge, an operating table and all necessary medicines and equipment required for rapid and effective veterinary response to any cases. Between the five units the lives of thousands of elephants and many other species have been saved.

Together with these Mobile Veterinary Units, the DSWT runs an emergency veterinary program called Sky Vets. This initiative deploys KWS Veterinary Officers from Nairobi to urgent elephant and endangered species cases throughout Kenya when the Mobile Veterinary Units are unable to attend. This is a crucial program offering emergency wildlife support when it is needed the most.

2 Capture Ropes
During the rescue of orphaned elephants or the treatment of wild animals, capture ropes are an invaluable help.
1 Green Clay Treatment (25kg)
Green clay is a natural remedy used to treat numerous wounds and injuries on wildlife cases.  This special clay has strong healing properties and is a vital treatment used by the DSWT’s Mobile..
1 Heavy Duty Leatherman
A multifunctional tool that our mobile teams should have at the ready.

1 Pair of Wire/Bolt Cutters
All too often our mobile veterinary units treat animals where wire cutters are essential to cut the animal free from the snare.
1 Plastic Jerrycan
When operating in the field water is essential to keep any treated animal cool throughout the procedure.
5 Snap-Straps
Vital for restraining injured and rescued wildlife.