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All of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's feel-good gifts, which are suitable for any budget, can be chosen for any occasion whether for yourself, your friends or your family. From giving the gift of milk to a baby elephant to equipping our anti-poaching teams with the field kits they need, these carefully selected gifts will make a real difference to both the protection of wildlife and the support of communities in Kenya.

Take just a few minutes to make a wish for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by following our easy online gift selection process.

Select your gifts, make your payment, receive your e-card and know that a WISH HAS COME TRUE in support of the protection of Kenya's wildlife.

1 Hand-Held Radio
A vital piece of equipment needed by every ranger for rapid communication. This unit comes with a complete charging system.
1 Head Flashlight
When working in the bush flashlights are essential. Head flashlights enable hands to be free providing a practical option for all the teams.
1 Heavy Duty Leatherman
A multifunctional tool that our mobile teams should have at the ready.

1 Keeper's Dust-Coat
The Elephant Keepers have a messy job and always need new dust-coats to keep themselves clean.
1 Keeper's Hat
The Elephant Keepers are working in harsh conditions in Nairobi and particularly in Tsavo, and a sun hat provides vital protection against the harsh equatorial sun.
1 Lined Baby Orphan Blanket
The younger orphans in our care need the comfort of blankets for warmth.

20 Milk Bottle Teats
Along with the milk bottles, teats are a small yet invaluable item always in demand.
1 Orphan Feeding Blanket
We hang blankets up to aid in the feeding of the much younger orphans, as the size and feel of the blanket helps to play the role of the orphan's lost mother.
1 Pair of Boots
In the field the anti-poaching team members need well-fitted and comfortable boots to keep them protected whilst in the bush.

1 Pair of Wire/Bolt Cutters
All too often our mobile veterinary units treat animals where wire cutters are essential to cut the animal free from the snare.
1 Patrol Tent
Patrolling through extensive areas the rangers must set-up camps along their routes. In harsh environments suitable tents are a vital piece of kit. We use a special design of tents for our anti-poaching..
1 Plastic Jerrycan
When operating in the field water is essential to keep any treated animal cool throughout the procedure.

10 Plastic Milk Bottles
The Nairobi, Ithumba and Voi Stockades all need a constant supply of milk bottles to feed all of the orphans.
1 Sack Diary Cubes
An important and healthy treat for every elephant and rhino.
1 School Bursary for 1 year
There are thousands of impoverished children living along the borders of the Tsavo Conservation Area who will never receive the opportunity to even attend Primary School as their families cannot afford..