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All of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's feel-good gifts, which are suitable for any budget, can be chosen for any occasion whether for yourself, your friends or your family. From giving the gift of milk to a baby elephant to equipping our anti-poaching teams with the field kits they need, these carefully selected gifts will make a real difference to both the protection of wildlife and the support of communities in Kenya.

Take just a few minutes to make a wish for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by following our easy online gift selection process.

Select your gifts, make your payment, receive your e-card and know that a WISH HAS COME TRUE in support of the protection of Kenya's wildlife.

1 Binoculars
Working in the field every ranger needs to be constantly alert and have the necessary good quality equipment at hand for rapid response
1 Camera Trap
To photo-capture shy wildlife activity within our protected habitats and help monitor populations. Camera traps are a precious tool.
1 Canteen Feast
All of the Anti-Poaching Units need hearty meals to fuel their hard work on the frontline. This gift is a wonderful way to reward them and to let them know how valued their work is, including extra..

1 Canteen Feast
All of our Saving Habitats teams need hearty meals to fuel their hard work and this gift is a wonderful way to reward them and to let them know how valued their work is with extra meat, sodas and additional..
1 Canteen Feast
The Keepers and stockade staff at Nairobi, Voi and Ithumba all need hearty meals to continue their on-going care of all of the orphans. This gift is a wonderful way to reward them and to let them know..
2 Capture Ropes
During the rescue of orphaned elephants or the treatment of wild animals, capture ropes are an invaluable help.

1 Digital Camera
Our field teams need good quality, hardy cameras to help document everything that takes place within these fragile habitats.
1 Drum of Aviation Fuel
Aerial Surveillance is a vital element in curbing poaching and illegal activities and offers an all seeing eye-in-the-sky to monitor wilderness areas and coordinate ground teams; providing..
1 Elephant Rescuers' Goody Bag
When we fly in to collect a rescued elephant orphan there are always a number of people at the scene who have done brave, often very hot and hard work, playing a vital part in the safe rescue of the..

1 Football and Pump
Our sponsored schools are always in need of new sporting equipment and football is a favourite sport amongst the boys.
1 GPS Unit
In such remote and vast areas team leaders need GPS to be able to record and locate important sites, tracks and illegal activities.
1 Green Clay Treatment (25kg)
Green clay is a natural remedy used to treat numerous wounds and injuries on wildlife cases.  This special clay has strong healing properties and is a vital treatment used by the DSWT’s Mobile..

1 Hand-Held Radio
A vital piece of equipment needed by every ranger for rapid communication. This unit comes with a complete charging system.
1 Head Flashlight
When working in the bush flashlights are essential. Head flashlights enable hands to be free providing a practical option for all the teams.
1 Heavy Duty Leatherman
A multifunctional tool that our mobile teams should have at the ready.