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All of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's feel-good gifts, which are suitable for any budget, can be chosen for any occasion whether for yourself, your friends or your family. From giving the gift of milk to a baby elephant to equipping our anti-poaching teams with the field kits they need, these carefully selected gifts will make a real difference to both the protection of wildlife and the support of communities in Kenya.

Take just a few minutes to make a wish for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by following our easy online gift selection process.

Select your gifts, make your payment, receive your e-card and know that a WISH HAS COME TRUE in support of the protection of Kenya's wildlife.

1 . Tin of formula milk
Rescued orphan elephants in our care need 2 bottles of formula milk, every 3 hours (day and night) – that’s a lot of milk! By donating a tin of milk formula for our elephant herd, which..
1 Bag of lucerne pellets (25kg)
A tasty and nutritious treat for the orphan elephants in our care, and Maxwell the black rhino. Lucerne pellets are a much loved dietary supplements, and especially beneficial for our older oprhans..
1 Bag of milk formula powder (25kg)
As the orphan elephants grow, so do their appetites! By donating a 25kg sack of special milk formula, you'll be helping us meet the hearty appetites of the elpahnts at our Reintegration Units in..

4 Bales of hay
Help make an elephant’s day by gifting these four bales of hay. A yummy snack and a soft place to sleep. We use bales of hay to line the stables of our youngest babies at the Nusrery, while for..
1 Binoculars
Working in the field every ranger needs to be constantly alert and have the necessary good quality equipment at hand for rapid response
1 Camera Trap
To photo-capture shy wildlife activity within our protected habitats and help monitor populations. Camera traps are a precious tool.

1 Canteen Feast
All of the Anti-Poaching Units need hearty meals to fuel their hard work on the frontline. This gift is a wonderful way to reward them and to let them know how valued their work is, including extra..
1 Canteen Feast
All of our Saving Habitats teams need hearty meals to fuel their hard work and this gift is a wonderful way to reward them and to let them know how valued their work is with extra meat, sodas and additional..
2 Capture Ropes
During the rescue of orphaned elephants or the treatment of wild animals, capture ropes are an invaluable help.

1 Digital Camera
Our field teams need good quality, hardy cameras to help document everything that takes place within these fragile habitats.
1 Drum of Aviation Fuel
Aerial Surveillance is a vital element in curbing poaching and illegal activities and offers an all seeing eye-in-the-sky to monitor wilderness areas and coordinate ground teams; providing..
10 Feeding bottle teats
The orphan elephants need to be fed their special milk formula every three hours, for the Nusrery babies, this is a day and night timetable. Each orphan drinks two bottles of milk at each feed, and..

5 Feeding bottles for the elephants
Without milk bottles we would not be able to feed the orphan elephants at our Nairobi Nursery, and the Ithumba, Voi and Umani Springs Reintegration Units the formula milk they need - with feeds every..
1 Football and Pump
Our sponsored schools are always in need of new sporting equipment and football is a favourite sport amongst the boys.
1 GPS Unit
In such remote and vast areas team leaders need GPS to be able to record and locate important sites, tracks and illegal activities.